Rob Aikey (Studio 3W2)

Greed 5/1/2015
Complacent 5/1/2015
Myth, Reality, Style 2002
Surface Chaos in Green and Pink 2015
Music Chaos 1/2/2009
White and Orange 6/5/2015

(214) 566-5710

Rob Aikey is a paradox. As a financial advisor, he wears a suit and manages millions of dollars in assets for his clients; as an artist, he wears jeans and paints images that hang in collections from Dallas to Memphis and from Boston to Prague. Rob embraces this paradox. The apparent duality between calculation and spontaneity plays an important role in his art. Intrigued by chaos theory, Rob explores the relationship between predictability and chance. Does the creation of a work flow predictably stem from inspiration to completion? Or does random chance play a role, despite the artists systematic planning and preparation? These questions are embodied in his paintings. Are the images they present carefully composed or spontaneous? Do they represent order? Chaos? Both? Rob's works are powerful not simply because they are visually engaging, but also because they ask such significant, but ultimately unanswerable, questions.

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