Edith Torres (Studio 2E1)

'Aura Yellow' (Triptico) 2010
'Aura Blue' series (Triptico) 2010
'Aura Green' series (Triptico) 2010


(787) 225-3919


Artist Statement:
My creations are essentially an extension of my personality, emerge from in the interior. The gestural and vigorous brushstrokes transmit the joy, color and sensuality of the implicit forms. My intense, bright colors radiate the energy, the love, the passion with which I create my works. I manifest in them my fiery personality where color is the structural element. The geometric element bathed by bright hot colors that seem to burst a few times and attenuate others. Lines, shapes and textures where color and light play a leading role. I use brushes, spatulas, pencils, cardboard, wood, plastic, encaustic, ebr? technical and everything that allows me to transmit my feelings in the creation process. I hope the viewer enters my world through my playful images and comes out with the same feelings of joy and emotion that I used to create them.
Influences of Mark Rothko, Vasili Kandinsky, Eric French, Ines Aponte and Rafael Rivera have inspired to create my own style and technique.

Edith Torres Avendano
Edith was born in Colombia, is a U. S. Citizen, and currently reside in Plano, Texas. She has lived in Venezuela, Spain, Sweden, Panama, and Puerto Rico.
Edith has been a professional artist for over 18 years including experiences in the national and international field of fine arts. She discovered her passion for art at an early age, mainly in drawing and painting. She utilizes a variety of mediums (i.e. collage, encaustics, acrylic, oil and watercolor), in which she represents her spiritual process, expressing her feelings and sentiments that are the source of her inspiration, characterized in a non-figurative format. The predominating aspects of her art are color, stains, drippings, dribbles and symbols which she uses intuitively.

Edith states that her works of art have been inspired by a profound impression that she experienced, at an early age, when she visited and was marveled by the natural beauty of God's creation: "El r'o de los Cinco colores" or "el r'o que se escap' del para'so? (the river of five colors or the river that escaped from paradise), in Colombia. This natural work of art creates a diversity of colors and appears full of light and movement, conveying a sense of peace and tranquility. It is for this reason that she presents her work of art titled "El Rio de Cinco Colores" (the river of five colors) inviting the spectators, to experience the sensations of observing and identifying the secrets hidden within nature.

The works represented here are characterized by expressionism, abstract and blotchy stains placed in a space, which refer to forms; while, using techniques such as juxtaposition, overlapping and translucency. We may also observe strong flowing strokes and lack of restriction in her colors and forms that merge into strong movements. She describes it as feeling as if she were "peeping into" the process of the creation of the world.

She has been influenced by renowned artists such as Mark Rothko, Wassily Kandinsky, Eric French and Rafael Rivera Rosa. They have inspired her in creating her own style and technique. Edith's works of art may be found and seen in private collections in the United States, Spain, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Switzerland and Sweden.


2013-2015 Master's Degree in Education with concentration in Museology.
Caribbean University, Bayam'n, Puerto Rico
2008-2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentration in painting. Escuela de Artes Pl'sticas (School of Fine Arts) San Juan, Puerto Rico
Trainings and workshops
2006-2008 Private Painting classes with the renowned Puerto Rican Artist Rafael Rivera
2002-2006 Basic Drawing and Painting Course. Universidad del Sagrado Corazon (Sacred Heart University), San Juan, Puerto Rico
1998-2000 Course in computer sciences. Integrated Computer Technology, Panama.
1994-1995 Certified in the Swedish language. Official Swedish School for Foreigners, Stockholm, Sweden

Individual Exhibition:

2010 Entre Alma y Espritu (Between Soul and Spirit), Department of State, Puerto Rico

Pienso, Existo y Pinto (I Think, Therefore I Exist and Paint), Senate Art Gallery, Capitol building, Puerto Rico

2008 IV International Contemporary Art Fair, Ebecolor Gallery, Marbella, Spain

2007 Aura Frontal (Frontal Aura), "Museo de Arte e Historia",
(Museum of Art and History), Arecibo, Puerto Rico

2007 International Art Fair, Ebecolor Gallery, Convention Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Binomial Exhibition:

2007 Transmutacion Cromatica (Chromatic Transmutation), Senate Art Gallery,
Capitol Hill, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Collective Exhibition:

2016 ArtSeenTour, Frisco, Texas, USA

2015 Saludo a la Muestra Nacional (Salute to the National Sample),
Caribbean University Art Museum, Bayam?n, Puerto Rico

2014 Coraz?n, Esencia y Forma (Heart, Essence and Poetry), Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Julia de Burgos, "Museo Casa Escut?" (Casa Escut? Museum), Carolina, Puerto Rico

2007 Live painting, Red Cross, Certificate of Appreciation

2007 Artists Boricua?s (Puerto Rican Artists), "Museo de Arte e Historia" (Museum of Art and History), Arecibo, Puerto Rico

2006 Between Alpha and Delta, Grupo Siete Por Uno (Seven for One Group),
Senate Art Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico

International Exhibition of Art, Latino Art Museum, Pomona, California

Women in the Arts, Museum of the Americas, Doral, Florida

The International Contemporary Artists, International Fair, Holland

2005 Entre Tanto (Meanwhile), Grupo Siete Por Uno (Seven for One Group),
EDP College, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Presencia Boricua (Boricua Presence), Museum of the Americas, Miami, Florida

Professional Experiencias

2008-2012 Galer?a Ebecolor (Ebecolor Gallery), San Juan, Puerto Rico
President, events and exhibitions organizer, curator, personnel management, general administration, marketing and related areas.
2006-2007 Liga de Estudiantes de Arte de San Juan (San Juan Student Art League) Puerto Rico, Vocal on the Board of Directors, recruitment of volunteers, project development and follow-up, public relations, development and organization of exhibitions and curatorship.

2004-2007 Hogar San Crist?bal - Fundaci?n Pro Ayuda de Puerto Rico (Saint Christopher Home - Foundation for Humanitarian Aid), San Juan, Puerto Rico
Volunteer to aid children that have been removed from their homes by the Department of Children's' Services. Assisted and collaborated in annual fund raising events and activities.

1998-2000 Consulado Sueco en Panam?, (Swedish Consulate in Panam?), Panam?
Volunteer for children in orphanages, assisted and collaborated in annual fundraising events. Marketing and sale of general products for charity. Development of ideas for the improvement and expansion of the market. Administration and Treasury.

1996 Sociedad Sueca en Portugal (Swedish Society in Portugal), Portugal
Volunteer for children in orphanages, assisted and collaborated in annual fundraising events. Marketing and sale of general products for Charity.

Edith Torres Avendano
8620 Crested Cove CT. / Plano TX, 75025 / Telephone: +1-787-225-3919 / e-mail: edith@ebecolor.com

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