Kaila Parrish (Studio 3C3)

tapestry 2017



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Kaila Rose Parrish is a painter, performer, writer, and musician. She studied classical guitar at Booker T. Washington HSPVA, then studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute until moving back to Dallas. She binds herself to objects and movements, finding mirror reflections of her armature in the spaces in front of her (face to face, face to sky). She is interested in reflections and mirrors, frames and cell-phone screens, metaphors and symbols; substitutes that provide distance and make things easier to describe. She is interested in moments when you might be talking about one thing with ease, only later to realize that you might have been talking about something else altogether (perhaps something within yourself). The act of creation is not only a way for her to address and understand her own experience of life, but it is a practice that exercises the empathy and hope necessary to see others' experiences and to therefore create a more inclusive and peaceful world. "The only thing constant is change," says her new friend Heraclitus.

2014-2016 San Francisco Art Institute
2010-2014 Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts

2017 Hot and Sweaty, 500x Gallery. Dallas, Texas
2016 Did You Feel It? Cause I Felt It, Sunset Art Studios. Dallas, Texas
In A Lonely Place, Home Dome. Dallas, Texas
Quadraphone, The Texas Theater. Dallas, Texas
Before I Leave For The Day, Diego Rivera Gallery at the San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, California
Kaila Rose Parrish/Lorenz Ganthaler, TWR. San Francisco, California
pure show pier show, the pier behind AT&T Baseball Park. San Francisco, California
2015 Courtyard Group Show, San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, California
Homefriends Group Show, Ash Studios. Dallas, Texas
New Genres Salon, San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, California
2014 ATTACH/DETACH Group Show, Ash Studios. Dallas, Texas

Work and Teaching Experience
2017-present Visitor's Experiences Facilitator, Nasher Sculpture Center. Dallas, Texas
2017-present Nanny. Dallas, Texas
2017-present Therapy Assistant, Therapeutic Movements. Dallas, Texas
2014-2016 Librarian, Anne Bremer Memorial Library at the San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, California
2013-2017 Art Instructor and Assistant, Studio Arts. Dallas, Texas
2012-2014 Styling/Editing Assistant, John Parrish Photography. Dallas, Texas
2012 Video Editing Intern, Global Fashion News. Dallas, Texas

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