Jennifer Kaufman (Studio 2C2)

North Star Pendant with Iolite
North Star Pendant with Iolite 10/6/17
Gemstone Message in a Bottle
Shield me with Diamonds
Go with the Flow on Labradorite
Treasure to be Found
Brass Polar Bear on Chalcedony Druzy quartz
Amethyst Slice on sterling enhancer
Custom Stone Earring Dangles
Football Jersey Pendant
Refreshed Engagement Ring
Sterling Acanthus Safety Pin


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I believe in the overwhelming power of Beauty and Authenticity. In order to make something beautiful, I use Color, Movement and Proportion as the three main design elements to create my art, regardless of medium or subject matter. I started out as a jewelry designer, graduated to small sculpture and finally found it so hard to separate the life from art, that I work on a subject matter basis, from personal jewelry pieces, to wardrobe and home design. It is important to me that what I make, whether it's a touchstone pendant, small geode sculpture, or office design, that you an feel the balance and meaning the art is infused with at creation. Metals and gemstones are my most prevalent resources, and I enjoy making the most of the Beauty provided to us by Mother Nature by being as Eco-Friendly as the industry will allow. From the purchase to the production of my work, I am to bring art forward with as little harm to the Earth as possible.

I am lucky to have experienced 27 years as a custom jewelry designer in Dallas, TX. Even busy raising two children, I sold every piece I've made over time and now, after many learning experiences, I take care to only take on artistic endeavors and creations that fulfill a need for a client. Art with purpose and definition is what is most gratifying for me to create. My work has benefitted from a wonderful journey of learning, creating and increasing my skill set, now finally settling into my personal style of vintage inspired pieces. I now look forward to producing art for Galleries and small shows across the country, with a dual home base in the Dallas and Denver areas.

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