Jenny Keller (Studio 2C3B)

Relif Ribbon 4 2017
Leaving Tokyo/Ribbon 2 2017
Canyon Light/Ribbon Series5 2017
Untitled Future Past 2017
Market Street, SF 2016
Freedom 2017
War of the Heart
Flora 2017
Never Forget 2017
Homage to Dali/Ribbon Series 3 2017
Fairy 2017
New Country 2017
New Work 2017
Blue Alert 2017
Pitt Grill
The Alamo Court
Again 2017
Global Warming Is Occurring Now 2017
Local Water, Pb, H2O 2017
Winter Breakup 2017
C'AE, MAH, ZJA 2017

(214) 727-8148

As an art professional creating for exhibits, collections and collectors, I am inspired by many wonders of the world. Nature, science, the cosmos, philosophy, world events and the human condition have strong influence in my work. My product includes paintings, drawings, mixed-media and installations and I work in various forms of both abstraction and realism, while maintaining identifiable style and personal language throughout.

Rob Aikey (3W2)
Jay Bailey (3E3)
Connie Roschlau Ball (2W8)
Cindy Brewer (3C8)
Teresa Bristol (3C6)
Fannie Brito (2E1)
Julie Shunick Brown (2C5)
Francene Christianson (2W3)
Djay Chung (3E1B)
Monica Cowsert (3W8)
Andrea Foley (2W3)
Marianne Gargour (2W1)
Andrea Guay (2C6)
Stacie Hernandez (3E2)
Walter Hofheinz (2E2)
Richard Hogan (1W6)
David Hoyt (2C1)
Alison Jardine (1C2)
Jennifer Kaufman (2C2)
Jenny Keller (2C3B)
David Klucsarits (2W6)
Andrew Kochie (3W6)
Brittany Lyons (2E1)
Kathy Mackey (2W7)
Marcia Reilly (2C5A)
Ty Milner (3C5)
Marsha Moser (1C4)
Bob Nunn (1C4)
Carol Pankratz (2E1)
Kaila Parrish (3C3)
Jan Partin (2C3B)
Susan Paulson Clark (3C6)
Kim Petty (3C7)
Tanya Slate (3W4)
Robert Strauss (3C2)
MarySue Foster (3W3)
Michael Sutton (1W5)
Carroll Swenson-Roberts (2C2)
Edith Torres (2E1)
Elizabeth Wilson (2W7)
(214) 579-9724