Michael Sutton (Studio 1W5)

(469) 867-3157


Inspired by the urban environment, Michael Sutton sees beauty where others see decay, and he shares his vision with us in a collection of works that appear at once familiar and surprising. Thick slabs of glass encased in rusted steel become radiant worlds. By manipulating the surfaces of the glass with paint, etching, sandblasting, and chemicals, Michael creates abstract works that call to mind satellite views of oceans, continents, lakes, and rivers on alien landscapes. And he gives these vistas an almost magical sense of depth?viewers have the sense they are looking through windows into a vast space behind the glass, not flat images on its surface. Michael thus transforms seemingly dull and ordinary glass and steel into something luminous and extraordinary, allowing us to experience unexpected beauty.

In recent years I have become more aware of time. As a result, I've moved away from all functional work and most commissions. My focus now is on my fine art work. I appreciate all of my clients from the public and the interior design world.

Rob Aikey (3W2)
Jennifer Ayyad (3W1)
Jay Bailey (3E3)
Connie Roschlau Ball (2W8)
Cindy Brewer (3C8)
Teresa Bristol (3C6)
Fannie Brito (2E1)
Julie Shunick Brown (2C5)
Francene Christianson (2W3)
Djay Chung (3E1B)
Monica Cowsert (3W8)
Andrea Foley (2W3)
Marianne Gargour (2W1)
Andrea Guay (2C6)
Stacie Hernandez (3E2)
Walter Hofheinz (2E2)
Richard Hogan (1W6)
David Hoyt (2C1)
Alison Jardine (1C2)
Elaine Jary (3C6)
Jennifer Kaufman (2C2)
Jenny Keller (2C3B)
David Klucsarits (2W6)
Andrew Kochie (3W6 & 3W5)
Brittany Lyons (2E1)
Kathy Mackey (2W7)
Marcia Reilly (2C5A)
Ty Milner (3C5)
Marsha Moser (1C4)
Bob Nunn (1C4)
Carol Pankratz (2E1)
Kaila Parrish (3C3)
Jan Partin (2C3B)
Susan Paulson Clark (3C6)
Kim Petty (3C7)
Tanya Slate (3W4)
Robert Strauss (3C2)
MarySue Foster (3W3)
Michael Sutton (1W5)
Carroll Swenson-Roberts (2C2)
Edith Torres (2E1)
Liz Trosper (1C2)
Elizabeth Wilson (2W7)
(214) 579-9724