Jennifer Ayyad (Studio 3W1)



(972) 523-2033

I am an abstract artist who primarily loves to paint on plexiglass. I gravitate towards working on smooth, shiny surfaces, and my body of work is a reflection of all of the whimsical chaos floating around in my head.

I draw inspiration from spirituality, travels, landscapes, interior design, and music. I enjoy using bold rich colors and usually incorporates metallics in my medium.
Using various tools I paint primarily in the medium of acrylic on plexiglass. The process of painting on plexiglass is known as ?verre ?glomis?,? which dates back to the 1700?s. The paint is applied to the backside of the acrylic (or glass in some cases), and the interpretation of the image is viewed from the front.

I describe my artistic process as one in which I am in a state of freedom where the conscious and subconscious collide allowing myself to get lost in the moment, hands guiding the way.


Richland Community College, Associate Degree in Liberal Arts
The University of Texas at Dallas, cum laude, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies & Fine Arts

Commercial/Residential Private Collections (full list upon request)
Republic Title
Alamo Title
Nathan Grace Real Estate
W Hotel Residences
Mayfair on Turtle Creek
Aloft Hotel - Love Field
Element Hotel

Jennifer's work has also been displayed at various locations which include:
Museum of Biblical Art - Dallas
Yves Delorme
Defined Search in Design District
Nathan Grace Real Estate
Kitchen LTO
Komali Restaurant
Wine Therapist
Kessler Theater
Thrift Studio
Forty-Five Ten
3811 Turtle Creek, Dallas
Khan Plastic Surgery
Park Cities Dermatology
Private residence art shows

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