Andrew Kochie (Studio 3W6)

No.468 Nov 19, 2016
No.419 April 13, 2016
No.514 Feb 3, 2017
No.584 Sighs of Laughter June 16, 2017
No.492 'Rose' December 23, 2016
No.519 May 17, 2016
No.600 Oct 17, 2017
No.466 October 14, 2016
No.581 June 6, 2017
No.571 Lullaby April 20, 2017
No.401 January 21, 2016
No.403 January 23, 2016
No.443 October 14, 2016
No. 356 'Santa Fe' April 15, 2016
No. 341 'Massacare Cave Textile Fragment' 2015
No.476 Solace
No.580 May 31, 2017
No.570 Redacted Love Letter 2017
No.133 Old Yeller
No.520 Feb 20, 2017
No.583 June 5, 2017

(801) 200-3962

The paintings of Andrew Kochie are a synthetic blend between abstract and trompe l'oeil illusion. Ranging between abstract minimalism to hard edge geometric abstraction, each piece reflects a balance of classical geometry creating fiery optical effects on handmade panels.

"I came from a trained background of making violins, violas, and cellos. On occasion I would have the privilege of handling some of the worlds finest instruments. One thing that always pleased me more than the sound, was the delicate fire of light and color which would move underneath the varnish. This 3 dimensional space of illusion became a passion and continues to drive my work today as I create artwork on flat surfaces that has the illusion of depth.

I feel my work is pushing abstract art into a new elegant form. As my body of work continues to expand I keep discovering subtle elements and techniques that continually push the boundaries visually. My work is now seen across the world in many private collections and corporate offices."

Using special pigments and varnish effects, many of the paintings show color changing attributes when viewed at different angles.

This award winning artist was a finalist for the 2016 Hunting Art Prize and has won the Award of Excellence at Conception Dallas on Oct 24, 2015 at South Fork Ranch. Many of his works have been seen around the world on the social media site where several original works are on display in their corporate headquarters. His work also highlights the design of the new Duvel Art Glass featured in the December - January 2016 edition of Arts & Culture Texas Magazine.

"I believe in giving back to the community around me and establishing strong bonds with people who are making a difference."

Based in Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, Andrew works full time in the historic 1888 Continental Gin Building alongside a long history of Dallas based artists.

"I love the building I work in, it's history, and the incredible community we have. The established excellence of artists has reflected in my own work and inspired others. I feel we foster a valuable vision for the arts in North Texas and Deep Ellum."

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