Donna Moran (Studio 3C6)

Blue Galaxy 2017
Beyond Serenity 2017
Green Islands 2017
Yellow Dreams 2017
Whirl Wind 2017
Yellow Convergence 2017
Lots of Fun 2017
Super Blue Galaxy 2017
Summer Dresses 2017

(713) 416-4352

I had a lengthy career as an interior architect in Houston before moving to Dallas. I had always been interested in art and painting.
I took a few classes, but never really had the time to devote to it. I now have the luxury of having the time. I paint in my free time and absolutely love it!
I started with oils and a more traditional style and have transitioned to using mainly acrylics and a more abstract style, which l really enjoy.

Rob Aikey (3W2)
Jay Bailey (3E3)
Connie Roschlau Ball (2W8)
Cindy Brewer (3C6)
Teresa Bristol (3C6)
Fannie Brito (2E1)
Julie Brown (2C5)
Francene Christianson (2W3)
Djay Chung (3E1B)
Monica Cowsert (3W8)
Andrea Foley (2W3)
Marianne Gargour (2W1)
Sarah Greenman (3W3)
Andrea Guay (2C6)
Stacie Hernandez (3E2)
Walter Hofheinz (2E2)
Richard Hogan (1W6)
David Hoyt (2C1)
Alison Jardine (1C2)
Jennifer Kaufman (2C2)
Jenny Keller (2C3B)
David Klucsarits (2W6)
Andrew Kochie (3W6)
Brittany Lyons (2E1)
Kathy Mackey (2W7)
Marcia Reilly (2C5A)
Ty Milner (3C5)
Donna Moran (3C6)
Marsha Moser (1C4)
Bob Nunn (1C4)
Carol Pankratz (2E1)
Kaila Parrish (2E2)
Jan Partin (2C3B)
Susan Paulson Clark (3C6)
Kim Petty (3C7)
Tanya Slate (3W4)
Robert Strauss (3C2)
MarySue Foster (2W1)
Michael Sutton (1W5)
Carroll Swenson-Roberts (2C2)
Edith Torres (2E1)
Elizabeth Wilson (2W5)
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