Monica Cowsert (Studio 3W8)

Molly's Cherry Blossoms Fall 2017
Spring Forward Spring 2016
Coming Out Fall 2017
Donkey in a Patch Spring 2015
Pelican Landing Spring 2016
The Arrangement Spring 2016
It's Just Fruit Spring 2016
Blue Vase Fall 2016
Big Ass Fall 2017
Narcissus Cat Fall 2016

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Much of my life has been dedicated to the arts in one form or another. Music has always been a part of my world, and performing as a harpist was something that kept me busy before starting my great family. Those blurry years of chasing kids are something I wouldn't change ever, but between a new city, children and a parent dealing with cancer, I turned to painting to be a kind of therapy. Art lessons through the years not only in Dallas, but Mexico as well, became a passion and a chapter in my life that led to the decision to paint full time...or as full as can be in this juggle of life! And what an honor it is...

State Fair of Texas winner 2015
Continental Gin Open Studios 2016, 2017

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