Elizabeth Wilson (Studio 2W7)

Coral Bean 2017
Propeller Banksia 2017
Apple of Peru 2017
The bone collector & the Kowhai Tree 2013
erWilson The dual nature. Kahiketa swamp forest & wild woman. Maiden & the Tree fuchsia 2013





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Elizabeth Rose Wilson is a New Zealand born artist, who has been residing in Dallas, TX for the past year. Before relocating to the United States, Wilson spent many years living and working in South America, Asia and the United Kingdom. Wilson studied fine art, design and arts education in New Zealand, before working internationally.
Of her style Wilson says, "I am interested in a combination of illustration, graphic design, surrealism and symbolism. I'm searching for the perfect balance between good design and painting. My brushwork is very detailed and intentional.
Wilson draws on a range of myths and stories that are testaments of spirit and elegance, alive with implication and intimacy. Narratives of transition from new to old, old to new, this life to the next. Strong environmental themes run through her work, some of these are illustrated through the use of native New Zealand trees and flowers.
An interest in architecture and the evolution of eco-friendly building is evident in her current series 'Holding Space,' which is underway at the CGB in Deep Ellum, Dallas TX. The juxtaposition of space and nature with urban construction is reflective of her upbringing in New Zealand and her nine years living in the mega-city metropolises of Sao Paulo and Shanghai.

Selected group exhibitions
2017 International Environmental Exhibition at the Haegeumgang Museum, Geoje, South Korea - Month of September
2017 GeniusDen in Deep Ellum, Dallas Texas. May 13th - June 13th
2017 Hwain Gallery. Yeosu, South Korea - March
2017 'Shining Light on What's Dark, Love Our Earth.' Duo exhibition with Michael Lam, NYC based artist. Geoje, South Korea - January
2016 Paris Louvre Expo. Paris, France - October
2016 Verona Art Fair. Verona, Italy - June
2015 'To me you are perfect' Artpassage Milan, Italy - November & December
2013 New Zealand Art Show. Wellington, New Zealand - July
2012 Shanghai International Expat Art Exhibition. Shanghai, China - March
Solo Exhibitions
2014 International Womans Day Festival Shanghai, China
2013 Site specific Commission - St. Johnson Inc. Architectural Firm. November - ongoing. Flatiron Studio, Former French Concession Shanghai, China
2013 PURE New Zealand artist representative for Villa Maria, in conjunction with Lost Heaven Shanghai, China - Month of September
2013 The Road Home. The Rooster Shanghai, China - Month of August
2013 DAFF - painting performances at Shanghai's Design Art & Fashion Fair, Spring & Fall Fairs Shanghai, China. - May & October
2013 St.Johnson Inc. Architectural Firm Commissions. Shanghai, China
2016 Recipient of the Shakespeare in Art Award, at the Verona Art Fair. Verona, Italy - June
2016 Recipient of the Merit Award for Distinctive Art Portfolio, in the Leydan Award 2016. Ontario, Canada - February
2016 Recipient of the International Prize Leonardo da Vinci, The Universal Artist. Florence, Italy - January
2015 Recipient of the Michelangelo International Prize, Artists at the Jubilee. Rome, Italy - December
2015 Recipient of an International prize at 'Artists at the Castle,' Nerola, Italy - December
2015 Voted in the top 10 artists in the Con Corse Buenos Aires hosted by OpenArt Milano, Italy - October
2016 September/October European Magazine 'Art International Contemporary.'
2016 21st Century Art Book by Effeto Art
2016 Jan/Feb European Magazine 'Art International.'
2015 Nov/Dec Italian Art Magazine 'Effeto Arte'
2015 Work published in 'International Contemporary Artists Vol-X'
2013 Coverage in the Shanghai Daily
2012 eWilson was a writer for the website 4art.com, run by ArtReview London.

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