Connie Roschlau Ball (Studio 2W8)

Strong 2016
Let's Get Happy 2017
Contempt 2017
Assured 2017
Pride 2017
Pleasure 2017
Euphoria 2017
Sweet Loving 2017
Lucky 2017
Passion Unfolding 2017
Sunshine On My Mind 2017
Love You More 2017
It Will Be Alright 2017
Tell Me Something Good 2017
Show Them 2017
Happy Ever After 2017
We Got It 2017
Home Away 2017
Take Me Away 2017
Relaxed 2016
Satisfied 2016
Infatuated 2016
There 2016
Harmany School 2016
Powerful 2016

(214) 683-6416

My dream always has been to share the joy of nature. After a 30-year career as an interior designer, I am finally doing what I have always wanted to do—paint full time.
I paint dramatic landscapes with highly charged color palettes. The images come from my subconscious, my dreams and my travels.

The colors and values I use converge to create organized harmony. Every time you look at one of my paintings you notice different color notes and paths. I love to place contrasting colors next to each other that break up the harmony and make you take notice. This makes my heart beat faster.

I am moving toward more abstract compositions in my recent paintings. I employ more bright cheerful colors and less detail. But at the same time I am drawn to dark and mysterious color palettes. I always want my paintings to draw in the viewer.
Often I find that getting to a more abstract composition is a challenge. During the process I might create the same painting several times to loosen my controlling nature.

I am enjoying this journey of self-awareness tremendously! It is very inspiring to see what happens, and the best part is that I can share it with others.

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