MarySue Foster (Studio 3W3)

Blue pump
The road is bumpier than you think
Fly free
Be vulnerable. Be porous.
As I dissolve myself

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I first encountered “palimpsest” in a novel about the Civil War when I was in my teens. Such a nice, curly word to mean “layered.” It described the practice of sending the same letter back and forth between friends or lovers with each successive letter written across or between the lines of the earlier letter. I still like the idea.

My current works are palimpsests of old books from the 1920s and 30s, two 1924 diaries of a seminary student, bits and pieces of paper and scrap, acrylic paints and ink, and gel prints, all layered and turned this way and that.

MarySue has been making art her whole life -- early attempts were on her bedroom wall. She has also been collecting pieces of things and experimenting with media. Her current work, Palimpsests, includes these elements -- collages developed from bits of paper, photographs, paint, juice, rubber stamp images, children's drawings, gel prints made with acrylic paint.

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