Carol Pankratz (Studio 2E1)

New Life Oct. 2017
12 x 12 x 1
Charity Auction

Created for Open Studios auction - Carol Pankratz

© Carol Pankratz
Aug 2017
Reverend Skating
Language3 Oct 2017
Trees and Time 2015
New Life Oct. 2017
Aug 2017
Rain Dance Sept 2017
seasons 12/24/17
1 of 4 seasons 12/17
1 of 4 seasons 12/17
Silk2 7/17

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With a varied disciplinary background Carol Pankratz received her Master of Arts in Interior Architecture and Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Kansas State University. Jobs in commercial and retail space planning, and experience with antique furniture restoration evolved into a passion for decorative arts where her broad knowledge within multiple mediums and her experience perfecting varied techniques has proved invaluable. Her work has been featured in multiple publications including Veranda, Dallas Home Design and British Homes & Gardens. Her fine art can be seen nationally and has been available through galleries in Houston and Dallas. Carol's passion lies in seeing personal space transformed through the use of color and pattern, and her background in interiors allows her to work a piece of art into a room. Commissions and collaboration projects are her personal favorites.

BA interior design
MA interior architecture

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