Bob Nunn (Studio 1C4)

Andrew Kochie Fine Art Studio 3W6 (801) 200-3962

BOB NUNN  1C4    

Bob Nunn is widely recognized as an accomplished and respected artist.  A Dallas native, Bob is also acknowledged as one of the pioneer Deep Ellum artists, having first set up a studio at the Continental Gin Building in the 1970's.  After nearly half a century devoted to art education, he now spends all of his available time working in his studio.

His award-winning paintings and drawings have been exhibited, collected, and published internationally.  His work was featured in the inaugural exhibition of a new wing of the Dallas Museum of Art.  He has shown in other museums, multiple galleries and countless exhibitions and competitions.  Recently Bob was commissioned to create the two largest paintings ever produced for the Omni Hotel in Dallas where they presently are on prominent display in their collection.

In addition to the 'different' imagery in his work, he is known for his very special mastery of color and technique.  His subject matter can appear at once familiar and then not – and he delights in this playful deception.  When pressed, he says that everything in his work is drawn from his imagination and memories and that he purposefully avoids trying to be 'representational' with his work.