Marianne Gargour (Studio 2w1)

Andrew Kochie Fine Art Studio 3W6 (801) 200-3962

Marianne Gargour  - MG Painting & Design (Studio 2W1) 
(214) 418-5648    

Marianne is an oil painter painting in abstract impressionism. 
She boldly paints traditional subjects with a contemporary flair.
Marianne has been the creative director of MG Painting & Design since 2006. She is French in culture and her work is infused with a Mediterranean light. Craighead Green Gallery of the Dallas Design District has represented Marianne since 2012. She had several Solo Shows in DC and recently at Craighead Green Gallery in 2016. She has a large following in Dallas, DC, and in Europe. Marianne earned her undergraduate degree at McGill University in Montreal,Canada and Master of Fine Arts at Parsons School of Art and Design in NYC. She has been teaching art to children and adults since 2000.