Teresa Bristol (Studio 3C6)

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Teresa Bristol (Studio 3C6)

Born in Roswell, New Mexico and raised in New Orleans and Ft. Worth, I came to Dallas to attend Southern Methodist University and have called Dallas home ever since. It is here that my passion for creating art began, when I declared myself an Art History major in my junior year at SMU. The course of study included electives in drawing and painting. Immediately, I was hooked. I was no longer content to merely observe art, I needed to create it. Upon graduation from SMU, the parental pressures of a practical career took over and I became gainfully employed as a paralegal. It felt good for a while to be independent and career driven, but the work quickly became monotonous and all the while the art bug was festering beneath the surface. I began to realize that I was meant to spend my life in more creative pursuits. As life goes for twenty-somethings, I soon married and retired from my paralegal position to raise my children.

Creating art was compatible with motherhood and I pursued my art with a vengeance taking classes whenever possible. My preferred medium became oil and over the years I honed my craft with discipline and passion. My painting continues to evolve as I challenge myself and take new approaches. When my children were in school, I joined a non-profit organization that supported the arts among young people in our community. Through that organization, I was asked to design and edit The Artisan, the annual school magazine for the arts. It was a three-year commitment and I was honored that I was chosen for the job. My excitement turned to panic when I realized that the magazine was written and designed entirely in Adobe Indesign with which I had no experience. I desperately wanted the job and did not want to disappoint my new friends that had so much faith in me to elect me for the position. So, I enrolled at Brookhaven Community College to learn Adobe Indesign. The rest is history.

I immediately discovered that I love creating design worthy printable materials. I became very involved in the Visual Communication Department at Brookhaven College and spent four years learning everything I could about graphic design. I had an internship this past year doing the layout and design for a book, including its front cover. It is currently in the process of being published on Amazon’s CreateSpace. I also designed and did lay-out for all promotional materials and packaging for an athletic equipment company for three years. I graduated from Brookhaven in May 2014 with an associate degree in graphic design with high honors and an advanced degree certificate. Along the way, I raised two daughters, one of which is also an artist. Though grateful as I am for my design training my first love is painting. My background in art history, design and drawing gives me an advantage in art. My historical perspective and artistic sensibility elevate the design process. I continue to hone my art skills. I recently completed a painting workshop in Saignon, France and New Orleans. I have come full circle with my art. I am very lucky to be in a field that I love where I am able to translate ideas into creative expression.